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[PHOTOS] Calvin Klein’s New It Girl

by | August 27, 2008
Here’s a twofer: Shin Mina exudes a “modern” and “sexy” image in the pages of September’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She also gets into a pair of designer Calvins as the new brand model for Calvin Klein Jeans, advertising its new “silver omega” denim line. The line apparently premiered at 2008 Fashion Week in Seoul and happens to correspond with the brand’s thirtieth year in the biz.
With her recent film activities and more planned for the near future, Shin is being called an “It Girl” for the upcoming year (although it doesn’t seem to require much to be called that these days). Her new movie Go Go 70 — in which she stars opposite Jo Seung-woo as a trend-setting fashion leader (their words, not mine) in the disco era — opens in October.

Shin Mina
wears Calvin Klein jeans above and in the first pic below; other photos from her upcoming Bazaar spread:

CREDITS: Dramabeans

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