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[INTERVIEW] Bae Soo Bin Brightens Up Brilliant Legacy

by | May 30, 2009
SBS’s weekend drama Brilliant Legacy continues to perform well. No, I’m still not following it — I just don’t think it’s for me — but by all accounts it’s zipping along nicely.
The leads are the fresh-faced and cute Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo; but although he’s not the lead character, actor Bae Soo-bin is attracting a lot of attention for his portrayal of his character Jun-sae. Below is a recent interview with the 32-year-old (also of dramas Painter of the Wind, Jumong) about his current role.

The response to Brilliant Legacy is very good.
I have a lot of affection for this drama. I look forward to it, and every time I go to the film set, I feel a positive energy. Because I get such a good feeling from viewers toward the role I’m playing, I enjoy every day.
Because the drama has 26 episodes, I think the writer is letting the plot unfold quickly. When I look at the scripts at first, even I feel it’s rather hectic. [Laughs] These days, I’ve gotten used to the speed of developments. The actors are all doing a good job, so it makes it fun for me. Although I already know what happens, when I watch the broadcasts, I’m entertained. This is the first time I’ve watched my own drama again on the internet. Haha.
People really love the character of Park Jun-sae.
I hope Jun-sae can receive even more love and support in the future. No, I’d like for him to steal all the hearts of the women in Korea. [Laughs] Whether or not the female viewers are married , I’d like to embody the ideal man whom all women would like to marry or date.
Jun-sae has an image of a caregiver, but what about in reality?
He’s a character who appeals to women’s fantasies. Even as a man myself, I think it would be nice if there was really a guy like Jun-sae who existed in real life. [He thinks intently for a moment] He has some similarities with me, but there are differences too. [Laughs] I can’t study or fight as well as Jun-sae, but I think his nature is similar to mine. [Laughs] On a basic level, Jun-sae is bright person. I tend to be influenced by my roles, and after doing this drama, I think my own personality has brightened.
The focus of the drama is on Lee Seung-gi.
I think that’s natural, since Seung-gi has a higher public profile than me. Of course, I think that as I keep going in my acting career, at some point I’ll receive the focus of attention and carry the responsibility. Until that day comes, I’ll have to prepare as much as possible.
Last year, you took on a serious character in the role of Jung-jo in SBS’s Painter of the Wind.
In a sageuk, I’m acting as a real-life historical figure, so I have to convey the role properly. When I was working on Painter of the Wind, I kept the a spirit of respect for the man as I acted. I did my best to act without harming his image.
However, maybe it’s because this is a contemporary drama, but I’ve lightened up. I deliver my dialogue in an upbeat tone because I want to spread the happiness to the viewers. [Laughs] I’d like for viewers to say that they feel better when they see me come onscreen.
Do you have your own particular criteria for choosing projects?
First, I read the script. When I see the cast, I can determine whether I’ll be able to do this or not. If I think I can create an appealing character, I’m the type who makes up my mind and dives right in. But I’m not someone who insists stubbornly that I absolutely have to take on a certain role. I just have to jump into the project and be fully invested.
I’ll continue doing that in my acting career in the future. Although a drama’s story gets told to others through me, I don’t feel like I should overly exert myself to present a packaged image. That doesn’t suit me. When acting, I have to immerse myself into a role and transform, but I can’t do that for my everyday life.

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