Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Holds Birthday Fan Meetings in Korea and Japan

On the 18th of this month, Park Shin Hye will celebrate her 23rd birthday (22nd in Western years) by holding a private gathering with her fans in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Later on the 24th, she will be in Tokyo, Japan, at the ZEPP Tokyo center in Odaiba to hold her very first solo fan meeting with Japanese fans. The name of the fan meeting is titled "City of SSINZEL Angel's Birth."

Before deciding to resume her activity, Park Shin Hye had decided to spend some time with her fans. The fan meeting on the 24th has a deep meaning for her. Last year, she signed with the Japanese entertainment agency, IMX, which had established a Japanese fanclub called "Twinkle" for her. This fanclub,
TWINKLE, is set to launch February 7th.

A representative from IMX said that is rare for an actress to hold a solo fan meeting in Japan but with Park Shin Hye, she had demonstrated that she is a multi-entertainer that had captured the hearts of many Japanese fans.

Another representative from her agency, 4HIM Entertainment, stated that Park Shin Hye's popularity has been reaching out to many people in Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, and Europe.

During this winter season, Park Shin Hye became the face of MBC MUSIC channel. She had also became the model of the cosmetics brand, Gowoonsesang.

Credits: Park Shin Hye's International Fan Club 


  1. Park Shin Hye the darling of International fans. She is so natural, so beautiful and she is more likely to stay loved and adored because she is just lovely the way she frills, just Park Shin Hye who commits to stay away from celebrity diseases. I wish her good health and happiness all her life, because this girl is so deserving.

    1. Definitely! =) Thank you for posting comments. It just shows that Kreepy Korean has definite readers. We are open for any suggested Korean Artist whom you like to follow here. And we also want you to share this page with your friends. Kamsamnida!


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